Alan Silvestri - The Walk [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]

Alan Silvestri - The Walk [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]
Album: The Walk [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack]
Duration: 56:38
Release Date: September 25, 2015
Artist: Alan Silvestri
Genre: Stage & Screen
Styles: Soundtracks, Film Score, Original Score

The 2015 biopic The Walk, about the high-wire artist Philippe Petite, marks the 15th collaboration between director Robert Zemeckis and film composer Alan Silvestri (Back to the Future, Forrest Gump, The Polar Express). Sometimes low-key and tender ("Two Loves") or jazzy ("Spy Work"), the score also soars at times to reinforce the visual power of the film, which was released in theaters in multiple formats including IMAX 3D. The tense, thrilling "We Have a Problem," for instance, uses pounding tympani and other percussion, striding brass, and shuddering strings to dynamic effect.

The diverse score also offers "Young Philippe," with Parisian accordion and circus-like fare, while "I Feel Thankful" quotes Beethoven's "Für Elise" before morphing into a whimsical, comic book action hero-type piece. While stylistically fickle, it will likely appeal to viewers of the film and collectors of the composer, himself a career-long musical acrobat -- so to speak.

The Walk
Pourquoi? / Alan SilvestriAlan Silvestri3:32
Young Philippe / Alan SilvestriAlan Silvestri2:12
Two Loves / Alan SilvestriAlan Silvestri3:21
The Two Towers of Notre Dame / Alan SilvestriAlan Silvestri1:50
"It's Something Beautiful" / Alan SilvestriAlan Silvestri2:58
Spy Work / Alan SilvestriAlan Silvestri1:37
Full of Doubt / Alan SilvestriAlan Silvestri2:31
Time Passes / Alan SilvestriAlan Silvestri4:03
The Arrow / Alan SilvestriAlan Silvestri3:17
"We Have a Problem" / Alan SilvestriAlan Silvestri5:17
The Walk / Alan SilvestriAlan Silvestri6:25
"I Feel Thankful" / Alan SilvestriAlan Silvestri7:21
"They Want to Kill You" / Alan SilvestriAlan Silvestri3:57
"There is No Why" / Alan SilvestriAlan Silvestri3:57
"Perhaps You Brought Them to Life - Given Them a Soul" / Alan SilvestriAlan Silvestri4:20

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