Andrea Pancur - Zum Meer

Andrea Pancur - Zum Meer
Album: Zum Meer
Duration: 01:01:04
Recording Date: September, 2015 - September, 2016
Artist: Andrea Pancur
Genre: International
Styles: Western European Traditions
Schon So lang [Been on the Road So Long] / Alex CampbellAndrea Pancur4:37
Di Humpn mit Wein [Glasses of Wine] / Hirsh Bloshtein / Polina ShepherdAndrea Pancur5:31
Is do Wos? [What Is That?] / Andrea Pancur / Ilya ShneyveysAndrea Pancur3:02
Rhaynlender [Rhaynlender] / TraditionalAndrea Pancur2:57
Aufm Markt in Obagiasing [At the Obagiasing Market] / Andrea Pancur / TraditionalAndrea Pancur5:24
Isar [The Isar] / Andrea Pancur / TraditionalAndrea Pancur4:57
Mittelmeergalopp Danse Macabre [Mediterranean galopp Danse Macabre] / Andrea Pancur / TraditionalAndrea Pancur4:36
A Treyfener nign / Andrea Pancur / TraditionalAndrea Pancur5:43
Bella Ciao / Abe Schwartz / TraditionalAndrea Pancur5:01
Pippi Langstrumpf werden [Oh to Be Pippi Longstockin] / Anja Günther / Andrea PancurAndrea Pancur4:07
Immer geht das Leben Weiter [Life Goes On] / Kurt Hertha / TraditionalAndrea Pancur4:50
Sha, Sha [Sha, Sha] / Beyle Schaechter-Gottesman / TraditionalAndrea Pancur6:28
Heimatlos [Homeless] / Peter Moses / Lotar OliasAndrea Pancur3:51

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