Andy Votel - Twisted Nerve Mixed

Andy Votel - Twisted Nerve Mixed
Album: Twisted Nerve Mixed
Duration: 01:18:56
Release Date: December 16, 2008
Artist: Andy Votel
Genre: Pop\Rock
Styles: Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Experimental Rock, Neo-Psychedelia
Say Your Prayers/Say Your Prayers /Riding with GabrielAndy Votel feat: Badly Drawn Boy / D.O.T. / Gabriel Greenburgh / Dakota Oak5:02
Fire in My Head/All My Teeth, North and SouthAndy Votel feat: Supreme Vagabond Craftsman / Voice of the Seven Woods4:28
Say Your Prayers /Pretty PrettyAndy Votel feat: D.O.T. / Mum & Dad3:47
Cock Diesel/Coffee DreamsAndy Votel feat: Dakota Oak / Sirconical4:40
A Slice of Ginger Noise/Bimbo QuickAndy Votel feat: Sirconical / Clear Spot4:18
Sad Tail/Safe in the Knowledge V. 2.0/Second TransitionAndy Votel feat: D.O.T. / The Liftmen / Voice of the Seven Woods6:53
Brewery/I Love Buses and Girls/You're So Cruel to My Heart/Kids with PsAndy Votel feat: Mum & Dad / Misty Dixon / Dakota Oak / David Tyack5:41
I Rooster 2/I Did It All for the Love of a Kindhearted WomanAndy Votel feat: Dakota Oak / Toolshed5:07
Hag Door Mountain/Odessa StepsAndy Votel feat: D.O.T. / Samandtheplants7:32
Gone/No More Too Long Ago/MontevideoAndy Votel feat: Alfie / Misty Dixon / Sirconical9:20
Animals in Towns/Ice Cream Man/CremationAndy Votel feat: Mum & Dad / Lispector / Samandtheplants6:11
Short of Water/Basslines and Shapes/Tiwn Gron/Love Is Like a Butterfly/Andy Votel feat: Kerdd Dannt / Misty Dixon / Jukes / All Traps Set / Aidan Smith9:04
Rusty Human/Sikinsokin/Cpu SongAndy Votel feat: Jukes / Luma Lane / Little Miss Trinitron6:53

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