Bill Cosby - The Best of Bill Cosby

Bill Cosby - The Best of Bill Cosby
Album: The Best of Bill Cosby
Duration: 39:41
Release Date: September, 1969
Artist: Bill Cosby
Genre: Comedy\Spoken
Styles: Standup Comedy, Comedy, Observational Humor

Anyone who has the first six Cosby standup records will have all of this material already covered, but The Best of Bill Cosby is nonetheless a pretty good introduction. The choice of material reinforces the fact that in the early days Cosby was inventive and wasn't content to roll around in the clich├ęs of husband versus wife, instead telling wonderful stories from his childhood and making observations about the absurd aspects of everyday life. Even after he started talking more about his family life on the later records, that storytelling aspect was key, always preferring to let the story flow rather than pulling out a string of cheap one-liners, and here he's at his peak.

Noah: Right! / Bill CosbyBill Cosby2:05
Noah: And the Neighbor / Bill CosbyBill Cosby1:43
Noah: Me and You, Lord / Bill CosbyBill Cosby3:11
Revenge / Bill CosbyBill Cosby5:58
The Lone Ranger / Bill CosbyBill Cosby0:55
Old Weird Harold (9th Street Bridge) / Bill CosbyBill Cosby5:12
Driving in San Francisco / Bill CosbyBill Cosby3:45
The Apple / Bill CosbyBill Cosby1:43
Babies / Bill CosbyBill Cosby3:49
The Water Bottle / Bill CosbyBill Cosby0:58
Street Football / Bill CosbyBill Cosby1:17
Fat Albert (Buck, Buck) / Bill CosbyBill Cosby9:05

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