Black Nasty - Shark Tank

Black Nasty - Shark Tank
Album: Shark Tank
Duration: 01:18:23
Release Date: 2009
Artist: Black Nasty
Genre: Rap
Recording Location: Arm Studio, New York, NY; Austin, TX
Styles: Dirty Rap, Gangsta Rap, Comedy Rap

Black Nasty is back, blacker and nastier than ever as he unleashes an infectious barrage of hilariously twisted XXX-rated rhymes dealing with everything from coprophilia to necrophilia to just about any other "philia" the listener can dream up. A welcome return to form following his troublesome "rape-themed maxi-single" Feed from Me, Shark Tank's success comes not only from the fact that -- like a solid episode of South Park, for example -- BN avoids focusing on any single act of depravity in favor of exploring the entire spectrum of deeply offensive transgressions, but also that his songwriting, production, and rhyming skills are as strong as ever. Not only that, but he even reveals a more tender side to his filthy persona with a gentle ballad entitled "Let Me Put It In" ("for just ten seconds") and a heartfelt, Lionel Ritchie-inspired tribute to deceased N.

W.A. wordsmith Eazy-E entitled "Eazy" (featuring Bonnie "Prince" Billy). Getting off to an especially strong start with the playful "Mystery Meat" and the brash beats of "Three Hole Punch," BN pays the first of many homages to the lost art of the between-song skit with the slightly surreal "Interlude" before hitting his stride with a brain-curdling barrage of naughty jams that range from downright eerie ("Dead Clit," featuring haunting backup vocals by Jana Hunter) to giddily gross ("Howz My Shit Taste?"), to classic Nasty ("Bitch U Had It Cummin'").

And while paring down the second half of the album may have resulted in a tightly paced classic rather than a solid yet slightly meandering sophomore effort (tracks like "Crazy Witch" and "Pee Pee Poo Poo" feel a bit underdeveloped despite inspired moments), it's fun to hear BN do his best Bob Dylan in "Barkin' Dog Blues," spread doo-doo on the walls with his "Mayonnaise Pen," and go slow jam in the oddly-soulful "Megan." It's great to hear Pink Nasty backing her brother on a number of tracks as well, because despite the fact that their respective solo projects couldn't be more different, their voices complement one another perfectly. Much like the best tracks on AIDS Can't Stop Me, the highlights of Shark Tank will have fans smiling as they hum songs they'd get arrested for singing out loud, and laughing at the demented genius of the rapper who never lets bad taste get in the way of a good idea.

Shark Tank / Black NastyBlack Nasty3:02
Mystery Meat / Black NastyBlack Nasty2:54
Three Hole Punch / Black NastyBlack Nasty3:19
Can You Cum Like That? / Black NastyBlack Nasty4:36
Oreo / Black NastyBlack Nasty3:24
Interlude / Black NastyBlack Nasty0:53
Dirty and Thirty / Black NastyBlack Nasty3:56
Dead Clit / Black NastyBlack Nasty feat: Jana Hunter3:57
Eazy / Black NastyBlack Nasty feat: Bonnie "Prince" Billy3:56
Howz My Shit Taste? / Black NastyBlack Nasty feat: Pink Nasty3:39
7 Year Old Abortion (Skit) / Black NastyBlack Nasty1:00
Firewoman / Black NastyBlack Nasty5:25
Four Times (Skit) / Black NastyBlack Nasty0:33
Bitch, U Had It Cummin' / Black NastyBlack Nasty3:40
You Got a Disease / Black NastyBlack Nasty2:45
Barkin' Dog Blues / Black NastyBlack Nasty1:20
Mayonnaise Pen / Black NastyBlack Nasty feat: Ariel Pink's Haunted Graffiti4:46
Crazy Bitch / Black NastyBlack Nasty2:42
Pee Pee Poo Poo / Black NastyBlack Nasty1:34
Megan / Black NastyBlack Nasty4:30
Rape Hotline (Skit) / Black NastyBlack Nasty1:32
Die Horny/Anals of History / Black NastyBlack Nasty3:09
Let Me Put It In / Black NastyBlack Nasty4:37
Bleu Ballz / Black NastyBlack Nasty3:17
Eazy (Radio Edit) / Black NastyBlack Nasty3:57

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