Bridgetown - East of the Tracks

Bridgetown - East of the Tracks
Album: East of the Tracks
Duration: 39:06
Recording Date: July, 2006
Release Date: November 14, 2006
Artist: Bridgetown
Genre: Pop\Rock
Recording Location: Eastside Recordings
Geese in the Bog/The Ships in Full Sail/Maid at the WellBridgetown4:10
Last Night's Fun/Out on the RoadBridgetown2:16
Monaghan Jig/The Connaught Man's RamblesBridgetown4:53
The Sun Is BurningBridgetown3:54
Roy Trouncer's Doggedness/Joe John Lynch's / Theo PaigeBridgetown4:40
Corney Is Coming/King of the Clans/The Rainy DayBridgetown4:31
Joe Murtagh's/The Galway Rambler/The Blarney PilgrimBridgetown4:24
The Shetland Fiddler/Kickin Up the Devil on a HolidayBridgetown3:05
Gan Ainm/Pat the BudgieBridgetown3:06
Merry Sisters of Fate/New Mown Meadow/Brenda Stubberts / Jerry HollandBridgetown4:07

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