Brooklyn Zoo - Chamber #9, Verse 32

Brooklyn Zoo - Chamber #9, Verse 32
Album: Chamber #9, Verse 32
Duration: 01:09:05
Release Date: July 1, 2008
Artist: Brooklyn Zoo
Genre: Rap
Recording Location: G Monk Monk Studios, Brooklyn, NY; Jambox Studios, New York, NY; Mercy Studios, New York, NY; Nu Metropolis, Orlando, FL; Raw Trade Center, Los Angeles, CA; The Studio At The Sunset Marquis, Los Angeles, CA
Styles: Underground Rap
We Comin' for YaBrooklyn Zoo feat: K Blunt / Popa Chief / Preachermann / Black Barney Rubble4:40
Brooklyn ZuBrooklyn Zoo3:01
Do It ForBrooklyn Zoo feat: Ol' Dirty Bastard / K Blunt / Popa Chief / Preachermann4:18
Blood Is LoveBrooklyn Zoo4:30
Cold WorldBrooklyn Zoo feat: Black Barney Rubble4:03
Knock KnockBrooklyn Zoo feat: GZA4:13
Eat Ya FoodBrooklyn Zoo feat: Masta Killa / Killah Priest3:35
BabyBrooklyn Zoo4:06
Pass the MicBrooklyn Zoo feat: Chi-King / Felicia Ray4:01
Party with the ZuBrooklyn Zoo feat: Preachermann3:47
Get Dirty Some Beers SkitBrooklyn Zoo0:11
Pour My LiquorBrooklyn Zoo3:26
If I Had a GunBrooklyn Zoo feat: Monk / RZA / Shavo4:07
Put Yo' Peoples OnBrooklyn Zoo feat: Lafonda4:16
MarvelousBrooklyn Zoo feat: Popa Chief / Lifestylez4:45
Get That CheeseBrooklyn Zoo feat: Captain Midnight / Shyheim2:39
So Much 2 SayBrooklyn Zoo feat: 60 Second Assassin / Freemurder / Willy Gleamz / Lafonda / Allah Real / Popa Wu5:27
Shut Ya TrapBrooklyn Zoo feat: Chi-King / Prodigal Sunn3:29
Dirty OutroBrooklyn Zoo0:31

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