Chanté Moore - A Love Supreme

Chanté Moore - A Love Supreme
Album: A Love Supreme
Duration: 01:11:13
Release Date: November 15, 1994
Artist: Chanté Moore
Genre: R&B
Recording Location: Backroom Studios, Glendale, CA; Bosstown Recording Studios, Atlanta, GA; Devonshire Recording Studios, North Hollywood, CA; Eden, Air Lynhurst; Flyte Tyme studios, Edina, MN; HOP House, Atlanta, GA; Lane Brane Studios, Granada Hills, CA; Raezor Studios, London, England; Record Plant Studios, Los Angeles, CA; Studio 56, Los Angeles, CA; Sunset Sound Factory, Hollywood, CA; Swingbopolous Studios, Van Nuys, CA; Westlake Recording Studio A, Los Angeles, CA
Styles: Contemporary R&B, Adult Contemporary R&B

On A LOVE SUPREME, Chante Moore's supple, sensuous vocals snake around jazzy, R&B mid-tempo grooves, in search of the perfect love. From the sultry, spoken opening where she unmistakably states her modern-day intentions to the old phono recording scratches of "Old School Love," Chante searches, preys, teases, romances, and snares.Chante is one of the leading new R&B divas. Her voice has a remarkable range, and an emotive quality rare in many new artists. She is reminiscient of Diana Ross, but a full-throttle Ross. Her jazz inclinations and rich, lower register also remind the listener of Anita Baker and Toni Braxton. Her tempo is one groove beyond that sexy territory owned by Sade. Her strong ballads like "Thou Shalt Not" and rough-edged, satiny timbre are similar to Whitney Houston's style. And in "I'm What You Need" she reaches those glass-shattering Mariah Carey notes, but only a few, just enough to embellish the song. Her restraint is an indication of what a truly great singer she is. When added all together the shared qualities congeal to create a unique artist who stands on her own.Chante Moore is poised to become The Voice--so, make way for the next R&B diva.

Intro / Simon A. LawChanté Moore0:51
Searchin' / Sean "Sep" Hall / Chanté Moore / Christopher "Tricky" StewartChanté Moore5:34
This Time / Lee Hamblin / Simon A. Law / Chanté MooreChanté Moore5:59
My Special Perfect One / Ross Anderson / Harvey Brough / Simon A. Law / Chanté MooreChanté Moore5:29
I'm What You Need / John Howcott / Emanuel Officer / Donald ParksChanté Moore4:59
Your Love's Supreme / Kenneth Crouch / Kipper Jones / Chanté MooreChanté Moore4:30
Old School Lovin' / Chanté Moore / Gloria Stewart / Phillip StewartChanté Moore4:59
Free/Sail On / Lionel Richie / Deniece WilliamsChanté Moore5:47
Without Your Love (Interlude) / Cynthia Harrell / Paula Payden / Phillip StewartChanté Moore0:55
I Want to Thank You / Kevin McCordChanté Moore7:59
Mood / James Harris III / Terry Lewis / Chanté MooreChanté Moore4:12
Thank You for Loving Me / Chanté Moore / Michael Norfleet / Eddie RickettsChanté Moore4:59
Soul Dance / Kipper Jones / Reggie StewartChanté Moore4:13
Am I Losing You / Ross Anderson / Simon A. Law / Chanté Moore / Vaneta ThompsonChanté Moore5:59
Thou Shalt Not / Sheila E. / Jud Friedman / Allan RichChanté Moore4:48

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