Chokebore - Taste for Bitters

Chokebore - Taste for Bitters
Album: Taste for Bitters
Duration: 59:58
Recording Date: 1996
Release Date: 1996
Artist: Chokebore
Genre: Pop\Rock
Recording Location: Black Box Studios, Angers, France
Styles: Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Emo, Indie Rock, Noise-Rock

An unusual rock band from L.

A. that featured a nice slow groove and pounding rhythms, Chokebore got signed to the happening, mid-'90s label Amphetamine Reptile and put out this very fine, though quite depressing record. Droning along to their snail-paced rock is singer Troy Bruno Von Balthazar, whose voice is a miserable, melancholic howl. But Chokebore's sadness is the listener's gain, as this music is moving and pleasant in an unpleasant way. Some of the standout tunes are "One Easy Pieces" "A Taste for Bitters" and "Narrow," though most of the songs are not dissimilar. Never does all this depression lead to pretentiousness, which is one of the major strengths of this exceptional and original group.

Pacific Sleep Patterns / ChokeboreChokebore3:14
Popular Modern Themes / ChokeboreChokebore2:37
Ghosts, And the Swing of Things / ChokeboreChokebore4:28
One Easy Pieces / ChokeboreChokebore3:09
Days of Nothing / ChokeboreChokebore3:19
It Could Ruin Your Day / ChokeboreChokebore3:03
A Taste for Bitters / ChokeboreChokebore3:35
Narrow / ChokeboreChokebore2:43
Sleep With Me / ChokeboreChokebore3:42
City Rings / ChokeboreChokebore2:52
Smaller Steps / ChokeboreChokebore2:11
Your Let Down / ChokeboreChokebore4:45
The Rest of Your Evening / ChokeboreChokebore20:20

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