Cronos - Hell to the Unknown: Anthology

Cronos - Hell to the Unknown: Anthology
Album: Hell to the Unknown: Anthology
Duration: 02:20:48
Release Date: August 14, 2006
Artist: Cronos
Genre: Pop\Rock
Styles: Heavy Metal, Death Metal

For the most part, black metal creators Venom have been issuing albums and/or touring in some form or another since their inception. But one brief hiatus occurred in the early to mid-'90s -- which resulted in singer/bassist Cronos issuing a handful of solo albums. With Cronos fronting a whole new lineup of Venom and recording/touring on a regular basis in the early 21st century, the double-disc compilation Hell to the Unknown was issued in 2006. Collecting all of Cronos' solo tracks, Hell to the Unknown includes a total of three albums -- Dancing in the Fire, Rock 'n' Roll Disease, and Venom -- with the first two titles being comprised of then-newly penned tracks and the latter being re-recordings of Venom classics. Expectedly, Cronos' solo studio albums are very Venom-esque -- tracks such as "Vampyr" and "I'll Be Back" could have easily fit on one of his then-former group's releases, while such Venom re-recorded classics as "At War with Satan" sound as dark and heavy as ever. Also included is a surprise or two, including a cover of Thin Lizzy's "Bad Reputation," which sees Cronos momentarily abandon his renowned growl in favor of (gasp!) semi-melodic singing. Venom fans looking to acquire all of Cronos' solo material in one fell swoop will find Hell to the Unknown quite useful.

Live Concert Intro TapeCronos1:30
In League with SatanCronos5:22
At War with SatanCronos5:40
Dancing in the FireCronos5:02
Old Enough to BleedCronos3:45
Don't Burn the WitchCronos3:29
In Nomine SatanasCronos3:33
Chinese WhispersCronos1:40
Lost & FoundCronos3:58
7 Gates of HellCronos4:46
Bared to the BoneCronos4:36
Love Is InfectiousCronos3:40
My GirlCronos2:26
Dirty Trix Dept.Cronos2:06

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