Darediablo - Twenty Paces

Darediablo - Twenty Paces
Album: Twenty Paces
Duration: 35:05
Recording Date: June, 2004
Release Date: March 22, 2005
Artist: Darediablo
Genre: Pop\Rock
Recording Location: Atomic Recording Company, Brooklyn, NY
Twenty Paces / DarediabloDarediablo5:34
Apache Chicken / DarediabloDarediablo2:38
Batten Down the Hatches / DarediabloDarediablo2:58
Roster of Evil / DarediabloDarediablo2:56
The Bells of Goliad / DarediabloDarediablo4:04
Billy Got Worse / DarediabloDarediablo2:40
The Sidekick / DarediabloDarediablo3:02
Papier Mache Miracle / DarediabloDarediablo3:40
Nife Fite on Wife Nite / DarediabloDarediablo3:03
Lonely Is the Stranger in the Rainbow in the Heat of the Still of ... / DarediabloDarediablo2:07
French Exit / DarediabloDarediablo2:23

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