Dave Bargeron / Michel Godard - Tuba Tuba

Dave Bargeron / Michel Godard - Tuba Tuba
Album: Tuba Tuba
Recording Date: April 4, 2001 - April 6, 2001
Release Date: January 27, 2002
Artist: Dave Bargeron \ Michel Godard
Genre: Jazz
Recording Location: Loft Studio
Styles: Post-Bop

The tuba, alas, has a reputation of being the least cool and most cumbersome of the family of brass instruments--until the album TUBA TUBA, that is. A quartet of two tubas, accordion, and drums, TUBA is the vehicle for American Dave Bargeron (Blood Sweat & Tears, many big bands) and Michel Godard (French National Orchestra, Ray Anderson). Each fellow endows his tuba with exhilarating swing, grace, and (of course) humor on classics by Charlie Parker and John Coltrane.

To Be Tuba / Dave BargeronDave Bargeron / Michel Godard5:16
Soji / Dave BargeronDave Bargeron / Michel Godard8:35
Puligny Montrachet / Michel GodardDave Bargeron / Michel Godard3:25
Valencia / Dave BargeronDave Bargeron / Michel Godard7:22
Giant Steps / John ColtraneDave Bargeron / Michel Godard3:15
Bass Bees / Michel GodardDave Bargeron / Michel Godard2:43
Joanda / Dave BargeronDave Bargeron / Michel Godard3:55
The Night Is Still Young / Michel GodardDave Bargeron / Michel Godard4:34
Donna Lee / Miles DavisDave Bargeron / Michel Godard6:21
Tuba Tuba / Dave BargeronDave Bargeron / Michel Godard4:57
What I See in Your Eyes / Dave BargeronDave Bargeron / Michel Godard5:36

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