David Darling - The Tao of Cello

David Darling - The Tao of Cello
Album: The Tao of Cello
Duration: 54:55
Release Date: 1993
Artist: David Darling
Genre: Jazz
Recording Location: Connecticut Barn
Styles: Chamber Jazz

World-renowned maverick cellist David Darling is classically trained. The Tao of Cello--part of the Art of Relaxation series--is 22 improvisations for solo cello celebrating the spontaneous creativity of the human spirit. Each of the selections is titled with an excerpt from passages in the Tao Te Ching, a seminal work by Chinese philosopher Lao Tzu. The serenity of the music and the pensive acoustics perhaps partly derive from the spacious old Connecticut barn in which it was recorded. Listen to Darling's cello and your experiences will flow seamlessly, from thoughtful introspection to playful exuberance.

Restraint Begins With Giving Up One's Own Ideas / David DarlingDavid Darling2:42
Man Follows the Earth / David DarlingDavid Darling3:14
When Men Lack a Sense of Awe, There Will Be a Disaster / David DarlingDavid Darling2:22
The Tao of Heaven Is to Take from Those Who Have Too Much and Give to ... / David DarlingDavid Darling3:23
Man Follows the Earth, Earth Follows Heaven, Heaven Follows the ... / David DarlingDavid Darling2:03
Knowing Others Is Wisdom / David DarlingDavid Darling4:29
The Further You Go, The Less You Know / David DarlingDavid Darling1:55
It Is Not Wise to Rush About / David DarlingDavid Darling1:44
Returning Is the Motion of the Tao / David DarlingDavid Darling3:03
See Simplicity in the Complicated / David DarlingDavid Darling2:27
In Dealing With Others, Be Gentle and Kind / David DarlingDavid Darling2:05
He Who Is Filled With Virtue Is Like a Newborn Child / David DarlingDavid Darling2:05
Yield and Overcome / David DarlingDavid Darling1:54
What Is Firmly Grasped Cannot Slip Away / David DarlingDavid Darling2:26
Tao Follows the Earth / David DarlingDavid Darling2:36
Become as a Child Once More / David DarlingDavid Darling2:10
Sometimes One Is Up and Sometimes Down / David DarlingDavid Darling2:41
Just Do What Needs to Be Done / David DarlingDavid Darling4:10
That Is Why a Victory Must Be Observed Like a Funeral / David DarlingDavid Darling1:25
All Men Will Come to Him Who Keeps to the One / David DarlingDavid Darling2:51
The Valley Spirit Never Dies / David DarlingDavid Darling2:22
Heaven and Earth Last Forever: Improvisation on Bach Suite 2, ... / David DarlingDavid Darling2:24

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