David Newman - Bowfinger

David Newman - Bowfinger
Album: Bowfinger
Duration: 41:21
Release Date: August 10, 1999
Artist: David Newman
Genre: Stage & Screen
Styles: Soundtracks, Original Score, Contemporary Pop/Rock, Urban

An awkward smorgasbord of vintage pop hits and original themes from composer David Newman, Bowfinger is a quintessential example of the modern Hollywood soundtrack -- in its rush to please everyone, it pleases no one. Taken individually, classic hits like Johnny Rivers' "Secret Agent Man" and James Brown's "Super Bad, Super Slick" retain all their potency and verve, but the sequencing here is so random -- Perry Como's cardigan sweater ballad "And I Love You So"? ¡Cubanismo!'s "One More Time"? -- that the average listener will suffer whiplash from all the abrupt genre shifts. And Newman's small-band themes are just plain dull, a painful reminder that "funky" isn't always synonymous with "fun."

There Is Always One More Time / Doc PomusDavid Newman feat: Johnny Adams3:42
You're a Wonderful One / Lamont Dozier / Brian Holland / Eddie HollandDavid Newman feat: Marvin Gaye2:48
And I Love You So / Don McLeanDavid Newman feat: Perry Como3:19
Mambo U.K. / Jesús AlemañyDavid Newman feat: ¡Cubanismo!5:37
Super Bad, Super Slick / James BrownDavid Newman feat: James Brown4:29
Secret Agent Man / Steve Barri / P.F. SloanDavid Newman feat: Johnny Rivers3:07
Betsy Chases Kit/The First Shot/A Short Ride/Dave Makes a Call/Dave Ret / David NewmanDavid Newman4:21
Cafe Set-Up/Shooting the Cafe/Stealing Renfro's Car/Auditioning the But / David NewmanDavid Newman3:44
"Chubby Rain" / David NewmanDavid Newman1:03
Clothing Store/Daisy Rescues Kit / David NewmanDavid Newman1:58
The Observatory / David NewmanDavid Newman4:24
Finale/Fed Ex Delivers / David NewmanDavid Newman2:49

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