Dean Evenson - Back to the Garden

Dean Evenson - Back to the Garden
Album: Back to the Garden
Duration: 55:00
Release Date: June 10, 1997
Artist: Dean Evenson
Genre: New Age
Recording Location: Soundings Of The Planet Studios
Styles: Contemporary Instrumental, Healing, Flute/New Age, Ambient

Back to the Garden reflects a yearning for -- and/or a return to -- simpler times. Dean Evenson and Tom Barabas have created a set of psychoactive compositions that tunes to the simplicity of the new age -- spiritually and holistically. Evenson and Barabas embrace all the qualities of the holistic new age with no hesitation and no shame. This disc's only drawbacks -- if, indeed, they are drawbacks -- are its steadfast dedication to its purpose and its sincerity. Both of these artists have true desires for their music to reach and, ideally, to heal the world.

So, if every listener allows it to heal his or her corner of the world and shares it with one other person, it is achievable, albeit exponentially mind-boggling. This special disc will appeal to fans of Lisa Lynne, Susan Craig Winsberg, Riley Lee, and Stan Richardson.

What Grass Is This We Lie UponDean Evenson feat: Tom Barabas4:45
Gypsy Behind the ShrubberyDean Evenson feat: Tom Barabas4:17
Come and See My StamenDean Evenson feat: Tom Barabas5:02
Change the StreamDean Evenson feat: Tom Barabas4:39
Droplets of WaterDean Evenson feat: Tom Barabas3:33
Back to the GardenDean Evenson feat: Tom Barabas5:03
Harpin on the SunlightDean Evenson feat: Tom Barabas4:08
Soft PetalDean Evenson feat: Tom Barabas6:19
Mysty Morning LightDean Evenson feat: Tom Barabas5:27
Dew Bee DewDean Evenson feat: Tom Barabas6:11
Bedding on the FutureDean Evenson feat: Tom Barabas5:36

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