Every Avenue - Picture Perfect

Every Avenue - Picture Perfect
Album: Picture Perfect
Duration: 38:24
Release Date: November 3, 2009
Artist: Every Avenue
Genre: Pop\Rock
Recording Location: Mitch's Bedroom, North Hollywood, CA; The Deathstar, Los Angeles, CA; The Tree Fort Studios, Los Angeles, CA
Styles: Emo-Pop, Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock

Every Avenue was every inch the embodiment of emo pop in late 2009. From their look (asymmetrical haircuts and soulful stares) to their sound (spotless production, clean guitars, and a bit of Auto-Tune) they were located dead center in the mainstream of the style. Their second album, Picture Perfect, is a tuneful, mostly melancholy affair that delves into broken relationships, broken hearts, and the girls who caused them, and for a change of pace, romantic struggles. It could have made for a disheartening slog through their heartbreak journals, but to their credit, Every Avenue, and especially singer David Ryan Strauchman, show a real sensitivity to the material, and the mix of ballads and uptempo tracks keeps the album from getting bogged down in sadness. Overall, there isn’t any new ground being broken here, but the band retraces the steps of others with enough style and passion to make the album a satisfying listen.

For Always, ForeverEvery Avenue3:30
MindsetEvery Avenue3:26
Tell Me I'm a WreckEvery Avenue3:39
Picture PerfectEvery Avenue2:55
Happy the Hard WayEvery Avenue3:59
Girl Like ThatEvery Avenue3:12
Saying GoodbyeEvery Avenue3:30
Finish What You StartedEvery Avenue3:09
I Forgive YouEvery Avenue3:20
The Story Left UntoldEvery Avenue3:59
Clumsy Little HeartEvery Avenue3:45

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