Fester - Winter of Sin

Fester - Winter of Sin
Album: Winter of Sin
Duration: 58:21
Recording Date: 1992
Release Date: 1992
Artist: Fester
Genre: Pop\Rock
Recording Location: Mc Quake Studio
Styles: Heavy Metal
Winter of Sin / FesterFester5:25
Senses Are the True You / FesterFester5:56
The Ancient Gods Wore Black / FesterFester4:42
Entering... / FesterFester4:39
Victory!!! / FesterFester5:35
Liberation / FesterFester6:19
As the Swords Clinch the Air / FesterFester4:52
A Dogfight Leaves a Trace / FesterFester7:12
The Commitments That Shattered / FesterFester4:09
When Darkness Confirms [Full Live '91] / FesterFester9:32

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