Finley Quaye - Vanguard

Finley Quaye - Vanguard
Album: Vanguard
Duration: 42:24
Release Date: January 9, 2001
Artist: Finley Quaye
Genre: Pop\Rock
Styles: Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Electronica, Trip-Hop

Vanguard, eh? Envision a penny dreadful being sung aloud inside a pub while Roni Size tries to squeeze drunken gospeltronica out of his sequencer banks. Preternaturally naïve, unintentionally hilarious, whatever -- unpredictability oozes into every beer in the room. So feel free to applaud -- amidst boy bands and Tim Buckley replicates, that's got to count for something. Finley Quaye rattles off a spliff-induced Iggy Pop tribute ("Spiritualized") just a few tracks before he shows off how he didn't learn the lesson Liam Gallagher taught everybody with "Little James" (true couplet: "Don't you take my, my liberty/Boys and their toys bring noise"). Class.

There's also something about a mongoose and Suzy in a Jacuzzi, but the less one thinks about that the better. Which is probably the best way to approach Vanguard: keep your distance, don't make eye contact, and nudge up the volume while you slowly back away.

Broadcast / Finley QuayeFinley Quaye2:53
Spiritualized / Finley QuayeFinley Quaye3:37
The Emporer / Jonathan Quarmby / Finley QuayeFinley Quaye3:25
Burning / Finley QuayeFinley Quaye2:45
Everybody Knows / Finley QuayeFinley Quaye4:06
Feeling Blue / Finley QuayeFinley Quaye4:23
When I Burn off into the Distance / Finley QuayeFinley Quaye2:53
Chad Valley / Finley QuayeFinley Quaye3:25
Calendar / Finley QuayeFinley Quaye2:59
British Air Rage / Finley QuayeFinley Quaye3:03
White Paper / Finley QuayeFinley Quaye4:38
Hey Now / Finley QuayeFinley Quaye4:17

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