John Mark Ainsley / Iain Burnside - Sir Michael Tippett: Remember Your Lovers

John Mark Ainsley / Iain Burnside - Sir Michael Tippett: Remember Your Lovers
Album: Sir Michael Tippett: Remember Your Lovers
Duration: 01:12:38
Release Date: 2005
Artist: John Mark Ainsley \ Iain Burnside
Genre: Classical
Styles: Vocal Music

While Michael Tippett was a brilliant composer of operas, oratorios, symphonies, string quartets, and piano sonatas, he was at best an indifferent songwriter. For one thing, while Tippett assiduously cultivated the big forms, he rarely turned to song form -- this disc contains nearly his entire slender output -- and thus never quite gained the compositional technique for writing songs.

For another thing, the long-limbed ecstatic melodies of Tippett's operas become in his songs merely long-winded tedious melismas. For yet another thing, coupling Tippett's songs with his realizations of Purcell's songs, while ingeniously filling out the disc, is also invidious because the earlier composer's easy naturalness as a song composer makes Tippett's anxious awkwardness all the more apparent. So while tenor John Mark Ainsley and Ian Burnside clearly love Tippett's songs and do everything they can to make them succeed, Ainsley's strong but flexible tenor and Burnside's supple but powerful accompaniments simply make Tippett's songs seem punier and less significant. While listeners who admire Tippett's music deeply and without reservation will have to have this disc, even they might be disappointed by the quality of the songs.Signum's sound is very near and very loud.

The Heart's Assurance, song cycle for soprano (or tenor) & piano
1. SongJohn Mark Ainsley / Iain Burnside2:55
2. The Heart's AssuranceJohn Mark Ainsley / Iain Burnside2:22
3. CompassionJohn Mark Ainsley / Iain Burnside4:18
4. The DancerJohn Mark Ainsley / Iain Burnside2:13
5. Remember your LoversJohn Mark Ainsley / Iain Burnside6:16
If music be the food of love, song, Z. 379 (3 settings)John Mark Ainsley / Iain Burnside2:03
Music, for unison chorus, strings & piano ad libJohn Mark Ainsley / Iain Burnside3:27
Music for a While (from "Oedipus"), song, Z. 583/2John Mark Ainsley / Iain Burnside3:23
Boyhood's End, cantata for tenor & pianoJohn Mark Ainsley / Iain Burnside12:32
Sweeter than roses (from "Pausanius"), song, Z. 585/1John Mark Ainsley / Iain Burnside3:27
Now that the sun hath veiled his light, sacred song for soprano & continuo ("An Evening Hymn"), Z. 193John Mark Ainsley / Iain Burnside3:54
Canticle I: My Beloved Is Mine, for high voice & piano, Op. 40John Mark Ainsley / Iain Burnside7:37
Thrice Happy Lovers (Epithalamium from "The Fairy Queen"), aria for soprano, Z. 629/39bcJohn Mark Ainsley / Iain Burnside2:40
What Shall I Do? (from "Prophetess"), prelude and aria for soprano, Z. 627/18John Mark Ainsley / Iain Burnside1:34
'Twas within a furlong (from "Mock Marriage"), song, Z. 605/2John Mark Ainsley / Iain Burnside2:13
A Hymn to God the Father (Harmonia Sacra, Book 1, 1688)John Mark Ainsley / Iain Burnside2:45
Ah! How sweet it is to love (from "Tyrannic Love"), song, Z. 613/2John Mark Ainsley / Iain Burnside1:55
I attempt from Love's Sickness to Fly (from "The Indian Queen"), Z630/17hJohn Mark Ainsley / Iain Burnside1:50
Songs for Ariel, for voice & piano (or harpsichord)
1. Come unto these yellow sandsJohn Mark Ainsley / Iain Burnside1:52
2. Full fathom fiveJohn Mark Ainsley / Iain Burnside2:03
3. Where the bee sucksJohn Mark Ainsley / Iain Burnside1:19

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