King Tubby - King Tubby's Lost Treasures

King Tubby - King Tubby's Lost Treasures
Album: King Tubby's Lost Treasures
Duration: 53:21
Release Date: 2001
Artist: King Tubby
Genre: Reggae
Styles: Dub, Roots Reggae

Whether or not these "lost treasures" were mixed by King Tubby or not is debatable. Truthfully, they probably weren't, since they just don't sound like his work. Following his murder in 1989, several master tapes were "borrowed" from Tubby's studio, or at the very least, came up missing, and these tapes may well be the source for this recording. This is not to say that these dub mixes are bad, because actually they're really quite pleasant, and the sound is great, and no one will have wasted their money by getting this, unless, of course, you're a King Tubby collector. So, in the end, enter at your own risk.

Cherry's DubKing Tubby3:00
Frenemy DubKing Tubby4:25
Falling for DubKing Tubby4:27
Dub on the Street AgainKing Tubby4:09
Deceiving the DubKing Tubby2:49
Dub ConfessionKing Tubby3:34
Release the DubKing Tubby5:38
A Youthmans DubKing Tubby3:35
Cold Hearted DubKing Tubby4:08
Blessed DubKing Tubby4:17
Lets Do the DubKing Tubby4:55
Jumpers DubKing Tubby2:27
Dub for FreedomKing Tubby2:52
You Have Caught the DubKing Tubby3:05

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