Kirsty MacColl - From Croydon to Cuba: An Anthology

Kirsty MacColl - From Croydon to Cuba: An Anthology
Album: From Croydon to Cuba: An Anthology
Duration: 03:56:23
Recording Date: January, 1983 & 1993
Release Date: April 26, 2005
Artist: Kirsty MacColl
Genre: Pop\Rock
Styles: Adult Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, College Rock, Contemporary Pop/Rock

Drawing from fewer albums (but more labels) than one might ever have expected, Kirsty MacColl's twenty-year career spreads out over three discs, consolidating her growing reputation as the finest English songwriter of her generation; confirming her status as one of the finest singers, as well, and leaving the listener aghast at the foul injustice of a life that should have been lived at the peak of achievement, but which has only begun to be granted its fair due in death.From Croydon to Cuba: An Anthology is the centerpiece of a three-pronged marketing attack -- it was accompanied on to the shelves by a matching DVD and biography. They have their problems; both suffer from a paucity of available material; the book lacks understanding as well. But the box set is a marvel.

Tracking MacColl's career from the 1979 single that introduced her to the world, the effervescent teen drama of "They Don't Know," through to one of the last demos she ever recorded, 2000's "Manhattan Moon," From Croydon to Cuba balances the hits and the misses, the rarities and the obscurities, the guest appearances and the glorious covers.A fourth disc would have been nice -- there's no sign of "Boys" here, or the electrifying "A Boy Like That," and there's a batch of other rarities that it would have been pleasing to behold. But still, 65 beautifully remastered tracks include nine unreleased numbers, a bundle more that are making their CD debut, and a host of others that might take a lifetime to track down in their original format. But where that could have opened the door to a host of dodgy demos and obscure-for-the-sake-of-it outtakes, the quality control never wavers for a moment, and you're left wondering precisely how MacColl's genius passed so many people by.

They Don't Know / Kirsty MacCollKirsty MacColl3:02
You Caught Me Out / Pete Briquette / Simon Crowe / Kirsty MacCollKirsty MacColl3:24
Keep Your Hands Off My Baby / Gerry Goffin / Carole KingKirsty MacColl2:59
There's a Guy Works Down the Chip Shop Swears He's Elvis / Kirsty MacColl / Philip RambowKirsty MacColl3:08
Hard to Believe / Kirsty MacCollKirsty MacColl2:19
See That Girl / Kirsty MacCollKirsty MacColl3:00
Queen of the High Teas / Kirsty MacCollKirsty MacColl2:28
I Want OutKirsty MacColl2:42
You Still Believe in Me / Tony Asher / Brian WilsonKirsty MacColl2:57
Rhythm of the Real Thing / Simon Climie / Kirsty MacCollKirsty MacColl4:58
Berlin / Kirsty MacCollKirsty MacColl3:34
Camel Crossing / Kirsty MacCollKirsty MacColl5:21
Roman Gardens / Hamish MacColl / Gavin PoveyKirsty MacColl4:57
Sticked and Stoned / Kirsty MacCollKirsty MacColl3:46
Terry / Kirsty MacColl / Gavin PoveyKirsty MacColl3:51
A New England / Billy BraggKirsty MacColl3:48
Patrick / Kirsty MacCollKirsty MacColl3:04
He's on the Beach / Kirsty MacColl / Gavin PoveyKirsty MacColl3:30
Innocence / Pete Glenister / Kirsty MacCollKirsty MacColl4:02
Don't Come the Cowboy With Me, Sonny Jim! / Kirsty MacCollKirsty MacColl3:46
Closer to God / Kirsty MacCollKirsty MacColl3:54
Fairytale of New York / Jem Finer / Shane MacGowanKirsty MacColl feat: The Pogues4:33

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