Klute - Fear of People

Klute - Fear of People
Album: Fear of People
Release Date: October 16, 2000
Artist: Klute
Genre: Electronic
Styles: Jungle/Drum'n'Bass, Club/Dance

Klute's second album elaborated on Tom Withers' talents for niche drum'n'bass, displaying danceable, complicated jungle music that preserved its tension and sharp edge. A greater emphasis on guest vocalists could be heard throughout, but for the most part this was business as usual: "Moving Finger" was a secretion of experimental city-center rhythms, and "Angry Woman" a structurally tame but bass-heavy atmosphere enhancer.

Though Fear of People wasn't smart enough to demand over an hour's worth of material, it was likely a necessary preparatory move for taking Klute's sound to the next level.

Three of UsKlute
Double DealerKlute
Moving FingerKlute
Red RuthKlute
Angry WomanKlute
Phone CallKlute

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