Leonard Bernstein - Bernstein's America

Leonard Bernstein - Bernstein's America
Album: Bernstein's America
Duration: 02:03:48
Release Date: October 12, 1999
Artist: Leonard Bernstein
Genre: Classical
Symphonic Dances (9) from "West Side Story", for orchestra (orchestrated with Ramin & Kostal)
Prologue: Allegro moderatoLeonard Bernstein4:06
Somewhere: AdagioLeonard Bernstein4:35
Scherzo: Vivace leggieroLeonard Bernstein1:19
Mambo: PrestoLeonard Bernstein2:20
Cha - Cha: Andantino con graziaLeonard Bernstein0:54
Meeting Scene: Meno mossoLeonard Bernstein0:47
Cool: Fugue: AllegrettoLeonard Bernstein3:43
Rumble: Molto allegroLeonard Bernstein1:55
Finale: AdagioLeonard Bernstein3:25
On the Waterfront, symphonic suite
Andante (with dignity) - Presto barbaroLeonard Bernstein3:17
Adagio - Allegro molto agitato - Alla breve (Poco più mosso - Presto come prima)Leonard Bernstein2:23
Andante largamente - More flowing - LentoLeonard Bernstein5:11
Moving forward - Largamente - Andante come primaLeonard Bernstein5:16
Allegro non troppo, molto marcato - Poco più sostenutoLeonard Bernstein3:12
A tempo (Poco più sostenuto)Leonard Bernstein2:26
Dance Episodes (3) from "On the Town", for orchestra
The Great Lover. Allegro pesanteLeonard Bernstein1:50
Lonely Town: Pas de deux. Andante - SostenutoLeonard Bernstein3:40
Times Square: 1944. AllegroLeonard Bernstein4:58
Prelude, Fugue & Riffs, for clarinet & jazz ensemble
Prelude (for the Brass): Fast and exactLeonard Bernstein1:53
Fugue (for the Saxes): Exactly the same beatLeonard Bernstein1:50
Riffs (for Everyone)Leonard Bernstein4:32

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