Mal Waldron Trio - Our Colline's a Treasure

Mal Waldron Trio - Our Colline's a Treasure
Album: Our Colline's a Treasure
Duration: 42:15
Recording Date: April 28, 1987 & April 30, 1987
Release Date: 1987
Artist: Mal Waldron Trio
Genre: Jazz
Recording Location: Barigozzi Studio, Milano, Italy
Styles: Hard Bop, Post-Bop, Jazz Instrument, Piano Jazz

The '80s were a very productive decade for pianist Mal Waldron. This session is recorded in Italy, this time in a trio setting. Bassist Leonard Jones and drummer Sangoma Everett join him for a five-song set comprised of Waldron originals. "Spaces" opens and utilizes Waldron's rich and massive chords, describing space as they move along, pushed and pulled playfully by the rhythm section. The title track is a ballad of haunting beauty and grace. Revisiting his "The Git Go," the trio rolls it along for over 13 minutes with slowly changing colors, like a sun setting over cold water. The closing "Because Of You I Live Again" is heartbreakingly emotive--a stunningly played and written piece. The clear recording enhances the subtle interplay between the three sympathetically linked musicians.

SpacesMal Waldron Trio feat: Mal Waldron9:18
Our Colline's a Treasure / Mal WaldronMal Waldron Trio feat: Mal Waldron6:20
Ches PascaleMal Waldron Trio feat: Mal Waldron5:43
The Git Go / Mal WaldronMal Waldron Trio feat: Mal Waldron13:27
Because of You I Live AgainMal Waldron Trio feat: Mal Waldron7:27

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