Mike Batt - The Songwriter's Tale

Mike Batt - The Songwriter's Tale
Album: The Songwriter's Tale
Duration: 01:05:46
Release Date: January 25, 2008
Artist: Mike Batt
Genre: Easy Listening
Styles: Prog-Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock, Britpop
Bright EyesMike Batt3:55
Soldier's SongMike Batt4:16
The Walls of the WorldMike Batt3:29
A Winter's TaleMike Batt4:15
Love Makes You CrazyMike Batt4:21
System 605Mike Batt3:03
Caravan SongMike Batt3:46
CaravansMike Batt3:41
I Feel Like Buddy HollyMike Batt4:27
Lady of the DawnMike Batt4:10
The Winds of ChangeMike Batt4:06
Please Don't Fall in LoveMike Batt3:22
I Watch You SleepingMike Batt5:11
Railway HotelMike Batt3:28
The Closest Thing to CrazyMike Batt4:16
The Ride to AgadirMike Batt6:00

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