Mirian Conti - James Cohn: Of Muskrats and Butterflies

Mirian Conti - James Cohn: Of Muskrats and Butterflies
Album: James Cohn: Of Muskrats and Butterflies
Duration: 01:08:53
Release Date: February 10, 2009
Artist: Mirian Conti
Genre: Classical
Styles: Keyboard
Miniatures (9), for piano
SunriseMirian Conti2:32
BoogieMirian Conti1:49
FreilachMirian Conti0:58
DragMirian Conti3:12
LegendMirian Conti1:52
LullabyMirian Conti1:27
ParadeMirian Conti1:55
MazurkaMirian Conti2:04
SunsetMirian Conti2:38
Variations on Muskrat Ramble, for pianoMirian Conti3:16
Piano Sonata No. 2
1st MovementMirian Conti5:23
2nd MovementMirian Conti2:29
3rd MovementMirian Conti3:50
Piano Sonata No. 5 ("A slightly 'Blue' Sonata")
1st MovementMirian Conti2:08
2nd MovementMirian Conti4:32
3rd MovementMirian Conti2:26
Americana, for pianoMirian Conti5:23
Waltz in D major, for piano, Op. 29aMirian Conti4:36
Strutting Butterflies, for pianoMirian Conti1:42
Piano Concerto, Op. 79
1st MovementMirian Conti4:53
2nd MovementMirian Conti5:26
3rd movementMirian Conti4:22

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