Peter Ulrich - Pathways and Dawns

Peter Ulrich - Pathways and Dawns
Album: Pathways and Dawns
Duration: 45:30
Recording Date: January, 1990 - April, 1997
Release Date: August 10, 1999
Artist: Peter Ulrich
Genre: Pop\Rock
Recording Location: Quivvy Church, Ireland; Woodbine Street Recording Studi
Styles: Alternative/Indie Rock, Goth Rock

Peter Ulrich's debut Pathways and Dawns reflects his background as Dead Can Dance's percussionist, crafting lush art-pop from layered vocals and semi-orchestral arrangements. Former bandmate Brendan Perry collaborates on much of the album, but the focus is on Ulrich's deft percussion and singing, which are cushioned by evocative arrangements of horns, pipes, strings and guitars.

Toqaharu's Leaving / Peter UlrichPeter Ulrich6:23
Always Dancing / Peter UlrichPeter Ulrich6:39
Life Amongst the Black Sheep / Peter UlrichPeter Ulrich5:12
Journey of Discovery / Peter UlrichPeter Ulrich4:47
Nocturne / Peter UlrichPeter Ulrich6:17
Evocation / Peter UlrichPeter Ulrich5:45
The Springs of Hope / Peter UlrichPeter Ulrich4:33
Time and a Word / Peter UlrichPeter Ulrich5:54

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