Pigface - 8 Bit Head: Complete Remix of Easy Listening + Other Stuff

Pigface - 8 Bit Head: Complete Remix of Easy Listening + Other Stuff
Album: 8 Bit Head: Complete Remix of Easy Listening + Other Stuff
Duration: 52:16
Release Date: October 12, 2004
Artist: Pigface
Genre: Pop\Rock
Styles: Alternative/Indie Rock, Industrial, Glitch

DJ Defrag's take on Pigface's Easy Listening album makes it the fifth time the album has been redone. A bit much, maybe? Defrag takes the same fractured attitude DJ? Acucrack did on his Crackhead mix, but increases the Kid 606 factor by ten and really knocks the train off the tracks. Dogs within a mile radius will be howling for half the album, and old video game systems will hear their mating call here and there.

Some tracks are just pranks -- "MYOB Super Fast Fast Fast" is just "Mind Your Own Business" sped up to fit into six seconds -- and often the traces of Pigface are unrecognizable. In the end, it's more stunning than Acucrack's mix, but too many jokes and gimmicks make it less filling. Meth heads and speed freaks will approve, along with Sega Genesis modders and Pigface completists.

IntroPigface feat: Defrag1:56
Insect Insect Insect Insect (Insect(Pigface feat: Defrag3:01
Sweetmeat (Camplathora!!!!,Pigface feat: Defrag3:24
Closer to Heaven (Light Beer Mix)Pigface feat: Defrag2:36
Everything - Nothing Like Everything MixPigface feat: Defrag3:27
Bitch Dance [email protected] $###Pigface feat: Defrag2:56
Myob Super Fast FastPigface feat: Defrag0:06
King of P.O.S.Pigface feat: Defrag2:34
Closer to HeavingPigface feat: Defrag2:51
Myob Disco WhoPigface feat: Defrag2:01
Closer to Heaving (Sounds Like Spinning British Fags Mix _Daehoidar (Pigface feat: Defrag2:50
Myob Super Fast FastPigface feat: Defrag0:31
Bitch (Extraordinary Skipping Glitch MixPigface feat: Defrag2:16
Myob Ice Cream for Your....Pigface feat: Defrag3:29
Untitled Promo Material APigface feat: Defrag1:58
Untitled Promo Material BPigface feat: Defrag2:32
"Scratches"Pigface feat: Defrag7:33
"Midi Junkies...Don't Smoke Carl CrackPigface feat: Defrag2:31
One Moment of Peaceful ReconciliationPigface feat: Defrag1:58
Bside - Jesus Was a RobotPigface feat: Defrag1:46

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