Riot - The Brethren of the Long House

Riot - The Brethren of the Long House
Album: The Brethren of the Long House
Duration: 01:05:44
Recording Date: January, 1995 - June, 1995
Release Date: 1996
Artist: Riot
Genre: Pop\Rock
Recording Location: Greene Street Recording, N.Y.C
Styles: Hard Rock, Heavy Metal, Progressive Metal

Perhaps influenced by Iron Maiden's "The Trooper" and "Run to the Hills," or possibly Anthrax's "Indians," Riot's Brethren of the Long House goes a step further and dramatizes the thoughts of Native Americans as well as the soldiers who questioned the senseless battles as they fought.

The music is run-of-the-mill late-'80s metal.

A noble and respectable effort, although the band sounds a little distant for such intense and dramatic subject matter.

Intro/ Last of the MohicansRiot1:40
Glory Calling / Mike DiMeo / Mark RealeRiot5:11
Rolling Thunder / Mike DiMeo / Mike FlyntzRiot3:56
Rain / Mike DiMeo / Mark RealeRiot4:58
Wounded Heart / Mike DiMeo / Mark RealeRiot3:56
The Brethren of the Long House / Mike DiMeo / Mike FlyntzRiot5:23
Out in the Fields / Gary MooreRiot4:02
Santa Maria / Mike DiMeo / Mark RealeRiot3:50
Blood of the English / Mike DiMeo / Mark RealeRiot5:49
Ghost Dance / Mike DiMeo / Mike Flyntz / John Macaluso / Pete Perez / Mark RealeRiot5:14
Shenandoah / TraditionalRiot4:18
Holy LandRiot5:25
The Last of the Mohicans / Trevor JonesRiot5:46

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