Rudolf Kempe - Rudolf Kempe: Master Conductor

Rudolf Kempe - Rudolf Kempe: Master Conductor
Album: Rudolf Kempe: Master Conductor
Duration: 02:19:39
Release Date: 2000
Artist: Rudolf Kempe
Genre: Classical
Styles: Symphony, Orchestral
Scheherazade, symphonic suite for orchestra, Op. 35
No. 1, "The Sea and Sinbad's ship" in E major"Rudolf Kempe10:33
No. 2, "The story of Kalender Prince" in B minorRudolf Kempe11:57
No. 3, "The Young Prince and the young Princess" in G majorRudolf Kempe10:34
No. 4, "Festival at Baghdad - The Sea" in E majorRudolf Kempe12:49
Symphonie fantastique for orchestra ("Episode de la vie d'un Artiste...en cinq parties"), H.48 (Op. 14)
Visions and passionsRudolf Kempe14:56
Un bal: Valse, Allegro non troppoRudolf Kempe6:41

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