Ruth Wieder Magan - Songs to Invisible God

Ruth Wieder Magan - Songs to Invisible God
Album: Songs to Invisible God
Duration: 39:39
Release Date: August 24, 1999
Artist: Ruth Wieder Magan
Genre: New Age
Recording Location: Notre Dame deSion, Ein Karem
Styles: Contemporary Instrumental, Israeli, Middle Eastern Traditions
Roza DeShabbos (Book of Splendor)Ruth Wieder Magan4:59
Szól a Kakas Már (Hassidim of Kálló) / TraditionalRuth Wieder Magan4:30
Haben Yakir Li (The Prophet Jeremiah)Ruth Wieder Magan2:32
Kad Ayil Shabbeso (Book of Splendor)Ruth Wieder Magan5:25
Irem Quero Madre / TraditionalRuth Wieder Magan1:55
Z'oma Lecho Nafshi (Psalms)Ruth Wieder Magan6:19
Ochila Lael (High Holidays)Ruth Wieder Magan3:51
Hallelu Adir Adirim (Holiday of Drawing Waters) / TraditionalRuth Wieder Magan5:04
Ato Yodeah Rozei Olam (Yom Kippur, Day of Atonement)Ruth Wieder Magan5:04

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