Sasheer Zamata - Pizza Mind

Sasheer Zamata - Pizza Mind
Album: Pizza Mind
Duration: 01:11:46
Recording Date: December 20, 2016
Artist: Sasheer Zamata
Genre: Comedy\Spoken
Recording Location: The Civic Theatre, New Orleans, LA
New Orleans Love StorySasheer Zamata2:35
RelationshipsSasheer Zamata2:29
Learning About My MomSasheer Zamata4:04
Why My Mom Doesn't Like White PeopleSasheer Zamata3:32
By Any Other NameSasheer Zamata4:25
Black ActressesSasheer Zamata4:26
Bye FeliciaSasheer Zamata3:16
Talking About RaceSasheer Zamata2:07
The Up SideSasheer Zamata1:54
The ChildrenSasheer Zamata2:08
Nail PolishSasheer Zamata1:06
ImpressionsSasheer Zamata1:50
I'm Not FineSasheer Zamata2:41
Full of RageSasheer Zamata2:56
Big Hero 6Sasheer Zamata3:30
Diversity in FilmSasheer Zamata4:27
Melting PotSasheer Zamata1:57
Hulk HoganSasheer Zamata2:47
Keep TalkingSasheer Zamata1:35
I Don't See ColorSasheer Zamata1:46
Boyfriend PrivilegeSasheer Zamata0:38
Touch My HairSasheer Zamata1:32
White Girl HairSasheer Zamata1:07
Body HairSasheer Zamata2:42
Resting Bitch FaceSasheer Zamata1:28
TherapySasheer Zamata2:14
Emotional One Night StandsSasheer Zamata1:27
I Did ItSasheer Zamata2:08
Pizza Mind by Jean GraeSasheer Zamata2:59

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