Silver Apples - Beacon Remixed

Silver Apples - Beacon Remixed
Album: Beacon Remixed
Duration: 49:55
Release Date: October 6, 1998
Artist: Silver Apples
Genre: Pop\Rock
Styles: Alternative/Indie Rock, Experimental Electronic, Experimental Rock, Obscuro, Proto-Punk, Psychedelic/Garage

It's rare that a remix album strays so far from its original tapes and still makes for a good record. Perhaps it's due to the fact that Beacon, Silver Apples' 1997 return to recorded music, was less than eventful. Truly, the remixes of Beacon's songs sound far better than the originals and that is undoubtedly a testament to its remixers. It's a good thing that Silver Apples' early work had such an influence on today's electronic producers. Included on this disc are innovative reworkings from Sonic Boom (of Spacemen 3), Him, Salaryman (of Poster Children), and Snowpony. Surprisingly welcome are the new versions of ""You and I," ""Misty Mountain," and ""I Have Known Love" that Silver Apples themselves re-recorded for Beacon. Essentially, this is the third time around for these songs, and on Beacon Remixed, they sound newer than ever. Lloop's mix of ""You and I" is a vocal free drum'n'bass assault that hardly resembles either the first or second take of this song. And Skylab's ""I Have Known Love" is a complete reverse of the original, this time without drums. It's actually a brilliant closer for the album, as it features Simeon's detuned vocals over simple guitar strums and bassy synths, ending in a flurry of discordant noise. Depending on the artist, the album takes many turns from genre to genre, and serves as an interesting tribute to one of the most important bands in underground music.

The Gift / Pete KemberSilver Apples5:13
You and I / Silver Apples / SimeonSilver Apples6:57
Strawberry Lotus FocusSilver Apples5:16
String / Julie LiuSilver Apples5:12
Borrowed TimeSilver Apples4:10
Armistice MixSilver Apples5:50
Big MachinesSilver Apples2:35
One TimeSilver Apples4:07
Misty Mountain / Pete "Bassman" BainesSilver Apples5:34
I Have Known Love / Silver Apples / SimeonSilver Apples5:01

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