Sonny Knowles - Very Best of Sonny Knowles

Sonny Knowles - Very Best of Sonny Knowles
Album: Very Best of Sonny Knowles
Duration: 49:32
Release Date: 2007
Artist: Sonny Knowles
Genre: Folk
Styles: Vocal Pop, Folksongs
I'll Take Care of Your Cares / James V. MonacoSonny Knowles2:22
Medley: Three Good Reasons/No One Knows/No One Will Ever KnowSonny Knowles5:57
Roses of Picardy / Frederick Edward WeatherlySonny Knowles3:03
My ChildSonny Knowles2:30
Look AroundSonny Knowles2:31
Medley: Among My Souvenirs/It's a Sint to Tell a Lie/I'm Gonna Sit Righ / Frederic Albert / Edgar LeslieSonny Knowles3:14
No One KnowsSonny Knowles feat: Pacific Showband2:50
When the Snow Is on the RosesSonny Knowles2:46
You Belong to Me / Pee Wee King / Rod StewartSonny Knowles3:00
The Only Couple on the Floor / John DurrillSonny Knowles3:17
When Your Old Wedding Ring Was NewSonny Knowles2:48
No One Will Ever KnowSonny Knowles feat: Pacific Showband2:37
The World Is Such an Empty PlaceSonny Knowles3:12
When I Leave the World Behind / Irving BerlinSonny Knowles3:01
We CouldSonny Knowles feat: Pacific Showband3:01
My Lovely Rose and YouSonny Knowles3:23

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