Styles P - Phantom Gangsta Chronicles, Vol. 1

Styles P - Phantom Gangsta Chronicles, Vol. 1
Album: Phantom Gangsta Chronicles, Vol. 1
Duration: 29:43
Release Date: November 11, 2008
Artist: Styles P
Genre: Rap
Recording Location: D-BLOCK Studios, Yonkers, NY
Styles: East Coast Rap, Hardcore Rap

Whether you look at it as an aboveground mixtape or a disjointed compilation of loose tracks, Phantom Gangsta Chronicles, Vol. 1 is a minor entry in the Styles P discography. The liner notes are minimal, the running time is short, and the highlight of the set isn't a Styles P cut at all. It's Straw & Trav's gangsta party number "I'm Your Pusher" that steals the show with its infectious "You don't want it with me" chorus plus a tight loop that combines funk with Duane Eddy-style guitar. Throw it in a Tarantino film and it'll blow up. Styles' big moment is the "no regrets" number "Nuttin Come EZ," which features a piano line straight out of the Bruce Hornsby playbook, but this stark look into the past has its impact blunted by all the other lesser and like tracks included. Mega-fans of the rapper and his D-Block crew already have most of these cuts on underground mixtapes, but they may find the bonus DVD filled with videos and live performances of some interest.

Don't Want ItStyles P feat: A-P / Bucky3:04
I'm Your PusherStyles P feat: $traw / Trav2:49
Told YouStyles P3:54
Cook UpStyles P feat: Next Generation2:59
Two ClapStyles P2:43
Nuttin Come EZStyles P feat: A-P2:51
Where I'm FromStyles P feat: Tre Williams3:41
Real N****Styles P feat: Ray J4:01
The HardestStyles P feat: Az Heat Records3:41

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