The Highlanders / Charlie Poole - The Complete Paramount & Brunswick Recordings, 1929

The Highlanders / Charlie Poole - The Complete Paramount & Brunswick Recordings, 1929
Album: The Complete Paramount & Brunswick Recordings, 1929
Duration: 36:15
Recording Date: 1929
Release Date: April 30, 2013
Artist: The Highlanders \ Charlie Poole
Genre: Folk
Styles: Old-Timey, String Bands, Appalachian, North American Traditions

Charlie Poole was the Hank Williams of 1920s string band music, and while he wasn't a particularly brilliant banjo player (although his later three-finger-style picking would set the table for the advent of bluegrass banjo a couple of decades after his death), and he wasn't the world's greatest vocalist either, he had a certain devil-may-care charisma that made him a star in the early days of the recording industry. Poole's greatest talent -- aside from an ability to go on long drinking sprees and to manage to be at the center of things even in his absence -- was in his song adaptations, which drew from sources outside the standard Appalachian fiddle tunes and reels, including pop, ragtime, and blues. Poole, with his band the North Carolina Ramblers, recorded mostly for Columbia Records, but disguising his band as the Highlanders, he also recorded under the table for Paramount and Brunswick in 1929, working piano into the standard string band lineup of fiddle, banjo, and guitar. This set collects those recordings, and features all of the sides Poole made with Roy Harvey, Lucy Terry, and twin fiddlers Lonnie Austin and Odell Smith, including the epic four-part "A Trip to New York."

Lynchburg TownThe Highlanders / Charlie Poole3:03
San AntonioThe Highlanders / Charlie Poole2:52
Richmond SquareThe Highlanders / Charlie Poole3:03
May I Sleep in Your Barn Tonight MisterThe Highlanders / Charlie Poole3:13
A Trip to New York, Pt. 1The Highlanders / Charlie Poole3:10
A Trip to New York, Pt. 2The Highlanders / Charlie Poole2:59
A Trip to New York, Pt. 3The Highlanders / Charlie Poole2:50
A Trip to New York, Pt. 4The Highlanders / Charlie Poole2:59
Flop Eared MuleThe Highlanders / Charlie Poole3:01
Tennessee BluesThe Highlanders / Charlie Poole3:04
Under the Double EagleThe Highlanders / Charlie Poole2:59
What Is Home Without BabiesThe Highlanders / Charlie Poole3:02

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