Udo Lindenberg / Das Panik-Orchester - Sister King Kong

Udo Lindenberg / Das Panik-Orchester - Sister King Kong
Album: Sister King Kong
Duration: 41:32
Release Date: 1977
Artist: Udo Lindenberg \ Das Panik-Orchester
Genre: Pop\Rock
Styles: Vocal Pop, Central European Traditions, German

An album as ambitious as the double gatefold sleeve that accompanied the original German release, Sister King Kong is a concept album documenting the trials and tribulations of a rock & roll superstar -- a grindingly dull idea by modern standards, but all the rage in the mid-'70s, and executed here with such panache that you can almost feel Lindenberg's tongue sticking out of his cheek.It opens with "Die Buhne Ist Angerichtet," one of Lindenberg's patent gentle sing-songs, a cracked voice rising above a rolling bass and a keening keyboard, all of which is suddenly transformed into a pomp rock extravaganza as guitars scream, percussion boils, keyboards howl, and, just when you think you've heard it all, a baby cries and you're into "Emanuel Flippman und die Randale-Sohne," a thunderously theatrical rocker that makes Meat Loaf sound like last week's leftovers. Unfortunately, such a powerful beginning is not maintained -- too much of Sister King Kong is driven by the lyric, with the music apparently added in the aftermath of watching Rocky Horror once too often. The lurching neo-funk title track is fun, though, while "Jenny" will appeal to anyone who enjoyed the first Gruppo Sportivo album, and the closing "Rock'n'Roll Arena in Jena" is a reminder of the divide that once hacked Lindenberg's homeland in two. Rock & roll isn't always about "Super-Groupies" and the death of the "flower-power-hippie-Woodstock" euphoria, after all. Sometimes it touches things that really matter.

Die B├╝hne Ist AngerichtetUdo Lindenberg / Das Panik-Orchester2:41
Emanuel Flippmann und Die Randale SohneUdo Lindenberg / Das Panik-Orchester4:29
Ratselhaftes BielefeldUdo Lindenberg / Das Panik-Orchester5:12
Satellit City FighterUdo Lindenberg / Das Panik-Orchester4:07
Der Teufel Ist LosUdo Lindenberg / Das Panik-Orchester4:32
Sister King KongUdo Lindenberg / Das Panik-Orchester4:11
JennyUdo Lindenberg / Das Panik-Orchester4:06
Meine Erste LiebeUdo Lindenberg / Das Panik-Orchester6:08
Udo on the RocksUdo Lindenberg / Das Panik-Orchester4:56
Rock'n'roll Arena in JenaUdo Lindenberg / Das Panik-Orchester1:10

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