Ultra Bra - Kalifornia

Ultra Bra - Kalifornia
Album: Kalifornia
Duration: 47:23
Recording Date: 1999
Release Date: 1999
Artist: Ultra Bra
Genre: Pop\Rock
Styles: Alternative Pop/Rock, Alternative/Indie Rock

Ultra Bra's Vapaaherran Elämää and especially Kroketti were both mega-hits in Finland. And with reason, because Ultra Bra is the most interesting cross-over in years. While previous two albums' songs were basically concentrated to rock, Kalifornia is a more pop-oriented album. That isn't a bad thing at all, especially when Kalifornia contains even more songs that have hit potential. It is just that the structure of the songs is a bit different -- the sound of Kalifornia is massive, strings are largely used, and songs don't have much variety. This is why Kalifornia doesn't last as long as Kroketti did. But after all, Kalifornia is a great album. Every chorus and bridge of Kalifornia is a definite highlight of this album, not to mention the beautiful strings of "Tyttöjen Välisestä Ystävyydestä" and massive sound wall of "Sokeana Hetkenä." It is just that the great success of Kroketti has driven composer/pianist Kerkko Koskinen to write catchier songs, which have attitude to be singles. If you don't keep this in mind, it is easy to consider Kalifornia even better than Kroketti.

Kalifornian ruosteiset kukkulat / Kerkko KoskinenUltra Bra3:42
Jäätelöauto / Kerkko KoskinenUltra Bra2:56
Hei kuule Suomi / Kerkko KoskinenUltra Bra3:34
Sokeana hetkenä / Kerkko KoskinenUltra Bra3:59
Ilmiöitä / Kerkko KoskinenUltra Bra3:42
He kääntävät tyynynsä / Kerkko KoskinenUltra Bra3:55
Jos haluatte / Kerkko KoskinenUltra Bra2:31
Kirjoituksia / Kerkko KoskinenUltra Bra3:58
Tylsää, tylsää / Kerkko KoskinenUltra Bra3:28
Kun vaihtuu vuosituhat / Kerkko KoskinenUltra Bra4:26
Tyttöjen välisestä ystävyydestä / Kerkko KoskinenUltra Bra3:01
Helsinki-Vantaa / Kerkko KoskinenUltra Bra4:09
Musta, niljaisten lehtien kaupunki / Kerkko KoskinenUltra Bra4:02

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