Van der Graaf Generator - Maida Vale: The Radio One Sessions

Van der Graaf Generator - Maida Vale: The Radio One Sessions
Album: Maida Vale: The Radio One Sessions
Duration: 01:09:45
Release Date: 1995
Artist: Van der Graaf Generator
Genre: Pop\Rock
Styles: Art Rock, Prog-Rock

For reasons unknown, experimentalists Van Der Graaf Generator released only a single live album during their tenure as a band (and it didn't feature their most well-known and popular lineup). Of course, plenty of bootlegs of the classic four-man lineup (Peter Hammill -- vocals/piano/guitar, Hugh Banton -- organ/bass, Guy Evans -- drums, David Jackson -- sax/flute) have circulated, but no official live releases until now. The folks at Band of Joy have compiled eight tracks performed on BBC Radio from 1971 through 1976 by the above-mentioned lineup, and VDGG fans couldn't have asked for a better compilation. Although all the tracks on Maida Vale are long, thereby meeting "prog-rock" criteria, VDGG's music helped influence the whole late-'70s electronic movement (i.e., David Bowie, Brian Eno). VDGG stresses texture in the sound, as heard on the album's best tracks, "Darkness," "La Rossa," and "Masks." A worthy purchase for any music fan interested in hearing '70s experimental music at its most interesting. [Liner notes are done by VDGG founder Peter Hammill.]

Darkness (11/11) / Peter HammillVan der Graaf Generator7:17
Man-Erg / Peter HammillVan der Graaf Generator11:00
Scorched Earth / Peter Hammill / David JacksonVan der Graaf Generator9:40
Sleepwalkers / Peter HammillVan der Graaf Generator8:58
Still Life / Peter HammillVan der Graaf Generator7:20
La Rossa / Peter HammillVan der Graaf Generator10:00
When She Comes / Peter HammillVan der Graaf Generator8:08
Masks / Peter HammillVan der Graaf Generator7:22

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